Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now That's Good Eatin'

I take Mom to the grocery quite often, and she loves to hit the discounted bread rack.She loves and eats a lot of different types of bread,although you would never guess it, by her size. She is skin and bones,and loves it that way.She was five foot six in her younger days.She may be an inch shorter now,due to her bones settling, but she was always right around 200 pounds her entire grown up life.With 9 kids, I guess she was entitled.Nevertheless,the last time we hit the bread rack, we bought out the Raisin Bread. I think it was 5 loaves. She has ate her 1st loaf, as have I.Today,we opened her second loaf, and ate a snack with her,before I rushed home,ahead of the snow which was accumulating fast on the roads.When I got home, I got to thinking how foolish it was to buy bread,when I had all the makins for it here. I keep a jar of fruit mix in the fridge,just in case I take a notion to bake.I mix together several kinds of things like maybe I was making a fruit cake, then I add nuts, oatmeal,wheat germ,and any other healthy ingredients I may have on hand. I've said before that I am an Aquarius, so you probably know by that, that I like to do things my way. I have always threw cakes together from scratch and they are usually pretty good.When I got home, rather that pull another loaf of Raisin Bread out of the freezer, I decided to bake my our loaf.So I did, and it ain't half bad either,with a dollop of cream cheese on top. I've already served the coffee drinkers their coffee today, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow to sample my bread.If there is any left.


  1. I know about doing it my way, I'm a scorpio.
    Your community sounds so nice, I couldn't imagine having the neighbors over, ther're all pretty much keep to yourself types, and that's a shame. Although there is one who buys soap from me. Last year she gave me several sacks of plums to can. Very nice lady.
    Your bread looks wonderful.
    Thanks for the book link.

  2. mmm cream cheese, from the lips to the hips.
    love fruit bread too esp as toast