Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Peeking! It's a Secret Project.

Sorry for being away from my blogging so long. It really does seem like a long time to me,too. I hate it when I can't find enough time to write. I have tried to send a few comments to a few of my good friends who so faithfully comment on my stories. That is such a nice gesture on their part.
Pop went on a hunting trip down in Mississippi this past week, and those little trips of his, give me an opportunity to call in the troops, and work on whatever project I might have in the works at that time.This time it was on my Secret Project. It is a slow go, but it is coming along.Slowly,but surely. I am so thrilled with the progress we have made. I can hardly wait to see the finished product. I hope it turns out in reality as I have envisioned it forever in my mind.
Pop doesn't always agree with what I want to do, but when I get it done, he is usually as proud of it as I am. I think the reason he is always so slow to give me his approval, is the fact that it costs money. Well, I am using my family for help in the labor department, and I am pretty handy with most crafts,myself, so I will be saving a little there. And it's not like I didn't work for 30 years. I feel I have earned the right to do a little project for myself, now and then. Well,maybe this one will fall under the BIG project heading,but I still think he will be happy with the finished product,as he usually is.
My Kitchenette Project in the basement turned out pretty nice, although I still have a little more to do there. Now that one of my brothers,who has always lived in West Virginia, is living in Ky. again,and close by, hopefully I can call on him to help a little more, and get a few long awaited jobs done.


  1. mmm intriguing, youve painted the bedroom bright pink havent you

  2. I hate waiting! Not alot of patience here. Look forward to the reveal! :)

  3. I knew you were working on a secret project!!! It was either that or a trip to sit on the beach with Brendie.
    Enjoy your time while Pop is away.

  4. Hi Sue, didn't see all those car over there, hope your project turn out great, can't wait to see what it is, it is alway good when you have family that can help you. My brother put my flooring down for me in the dinning room and will lay some more flooring for me when i am ready. Hurry and get your project done or give us a clue. Connie

  5. I love it when hubby goes away.. I always do something ...paint, remove wallpaper , put up wallpaper.. move his bed from one side of the bedroom to the other side.
    lol,,I can hardly wait to see what you have been working on...ta ta for now from Iowa