Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Eerie Coincidence

This is Saturday, and my sister,Vicki,of "My Favorite Things" was allowed to go home today, after having back surgery on the 10th. She must be doing really good. It's unimaginable to get to go home that soon after such a tedious surgery.I hope she gets back to blogging soon, although I know her life will be quite different for a few weeks.We're all wishing her a speedy recovery,especially Mom.She was so looking forward to Vicki coming to recuperate at her home.
Vicki and I both appreciate all of the kind words regarding her surgery and recovery.

The eerie coincidence I refer to is the ironing board Vicki had posted in one of her latest blogs. I,too, have fell heir to a similar ironing board, only mine was a gift from a friend.I am not into collecting such things, but I felt it was so quaint and unusual, it would be a nice piece to display and use as well.That's the kind of collectibles I have around my home.Things with a purpose that I can actually use.

underside of ironing board
top side of ironing board

There were no markings on mine only a few handwritten notations. SOLD J R Pierce and what looks like it might say pd.100.Don't know if Mr. Pierce paid $1.00 or $100.00. Either way, I am assuming he or she passed away, and their dwelling and it's contents was leveled to make way for some one to plant crops. Nevertheless, the ironing board found a nice home with me.I will put it on display along side  of my old time quilting frame when I begin remodeling my basement.I have been in the remodeling mood lately ever since visiting a local Elementary School that was converted to a Peddler's type mall containing several rooms of Primitive displays.I returned home that day with so many great ideas circulating in my head. I only hope I can pull them off in my remodeling attempts.Decorating has never been one of my strong suits, but I'm anxious to give it a try.My style is more of an eclectic style,but I do want to try using some of the ideas I saw that day.I am so excited about this venture,regardless of how it turns out. I am a trial and error kind of girl, and I feel I can live with whatever evolves from my experiment.If all goes well, you may see pictures later.


  1. Happy to hear your sister is home. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  2. Glad to hear that your sister is doing well after her surgery. They certainly dont keep you in hospital for very long any more...Hope she feels better real soon.

    I would love to own an old ironing board like that, I am a fan of vintage things.

  3. Hope Vicki has a speedy recovery Sue.
    I have a wooden ironing board too. I use it for all my ironing needs. Retro & cool!

  4. Hope your sister is feeling better! Love the old ironing board-just think of all the things that were ironed on it-and the people who wore them!

  5. Sue , like the old ironing board, it can make a good work area for craft, where is the school at, that have the shops in it? I don't get in to much of the primitive style but like to look at all the stuff. Glad Vickie is at home and know you will be glad when she can come up here for a visit.