Saturday, November 19, 2011

For the Family

I have a lot going on here lately, so I haven't had time to blog, but I know there are several family members who check daily for some news from my neck of the woods. I have several projects started, and we have had to stop for a funeral. Then,too,Mom has had a few minor issues that required a little more time.Supposedly, she was hearing voices and some one knocking on her door and walls of her apartment. We have decided it was simply her dreaming, and hearing the wind chimes hit the outside wall in the bad wind we had been having. She called me, all upset,in tears, thinking she needed a psychiatrist.I think we have her calmed down a bit regarding that episode anyway,for now. Presently, she has a head and chest cold. That,alone,can be a serious problem for some one in her age bracket and current situation.One or two of the family make it their business to stop in daily to keep things in check with her.

 Hopefully, things have slowed down a bit  to where I can get my business back on track soon. Here are a few of the projects I am working on lately.

This is a bed I made for the pets.Lily,Lucky,and Minnie,so I can't really call it a dog bed. The two cats take turns using it,too.The picture on the board is my Barn Quilt Board. I have not decided whether to put it back up on the garage or hang it in the basement. I have been doing so decorating down there, and I may try using it on one of the concrete walls. It's hard to hang regular pictures,etc.on that wall. It is another work in progress.

These are a couple of my signs. I love making signs. I have many more in the works. Lots of them are for the holidays.They are much quicker and easier, but I have lots more ideas in mind,too.
This is one of the candles I am making. I have collected pine cones,nuts,etc. for these little centerpieces, all summer. I will do a little more tweaking to it before I'm done, but I love doing this sort of thing. The candle itself is made from a wooden rod, then painted. I need to add a wick and some dripping wax before it's completed.I am considering using tiny burnt out Christmas light bulbs for the flame instead of a wick.They won't be able to light up.That may turn into another project in the future. Making an actual light up candle from these same components .

I collect these types of baskets to hold various supplies. This one I painted recently to hold SOME of my pin cushion supplies.I have so many,especially after I bought those 3 pillows topped the little puff balls.They are working out nicely for using in my pin cushions projects.
This is one project I keep pushing to the side. I bought this spread several years ago. It survived the house fire,somewhat. I washed it, and the fire had weakened it in places, so I need to mend it, if I can. I paid $4 for it initially, which was a steal, but much more than I normally pay for cutsy items. It was starched and ironed and looked so pretty when I first got it. Hopefully, I can restore it to it's original appearance.

I'm trying my hand at wooden ornaments. Not sure just yet how I will finish them.Paint,decoupage,wax. I haven't got that far with my plan for them.
This is the dresser I purchased lately. It has a matching chest of drawers. I bought it to refinish and use in my craft/bedroom for crafting supplies. I plan to paint the bed and chest I am presently using in that room now, the same color, and hopefully it will blend in with the rest of the craft room furnishings.We don't have that much sleep over company, but if and when we do, it will come in handy..

Here are 3 more projects in the works.

Another rug started. I'm into burgundy nowadays.

I have  several of these little houses cut out,ready for assembly. Last year I made several in a Thanksgiving and Fall theme,but I may try a couple in a Christmas or Winter theme this time.

The little board and chicken wire pieces. That is an idea I came up with that never got to fruition.It is going to be the picture of a chicken behind the wire,which I will frame with rope or something kinda farmy.(new word)No set plan.I usually plan it as I go.

So now you see why I have not been blogging for a spell. I have really spent too much time on the computer this morning, but I wanted to let you know what the hold up was. It's so unlike me, not to blog daily or at least every other day..

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