Thursday, November 3, 2011

We're Adjusting!

We are not real sure if Lily is part Shih-Tzu or Chihuahua, but the Jack Russel part is evident.She is super hyper,but I have found that if you will play with her or let her run all she wants for a spell,and all of her other needs are satisfied, she will sleep away most of the day.She definitely is Meemaw's dog for now. We have been working with her on toilet training, and that is going good.And we have taken her for a ride in one of the trucks.That went good. Then we took her for a ride on the 4-wheeler. Not so good at first, with only Pop, but when I went along, sitting behind Pop,with Lily snuggled up in my jacket,that went much better.I think the noise frightens her more than anything.Once she learns the noise won't hurt her,she may get to the point where she will ride with Pop alone.That's our goal.That was one of the things he and Sarah loved to do.We are presently dickering with a neighbor on buying some of the woods around us, and that would be a wonderful place for us all to roam and play. If we are able to get the property,we'd still have to keep her on a leash because of all the sink holes.(There's no guarantee just yet, that we can get any part of the woods,but we're still hoping it works out.Land is out of sight right now,so we're not getting our hopes up to high.)

Pop killed a tiny snake last week, and it's remains had dried up in the driveway.You guessed it. Lily found it, and brought it indoors. Pop had a fit. He hates snakes. I can see Lily is going to be a lot like Sarah in that respect,too. Anything stinky or dead, she had to eat it or wallow in it.Yuk!

The two grandchildren were disappointed that Lily would not warm up to them like she has me, but it took a little time for even me to win her over.The kids are a bit too pushy and hyper themselves.You need to ease yourself onto a new pet. Most likely, they will come around on their own. Many times, more so when you ignore them.Lily is warming up to the two cats. Minnie,more than Lucky, but Lucky, too, is softening up to her a bit.It just takes time,like us getting over the pain of loosing Sarah.Both daughters said they felt a lighter mood in our household,with the presence of the new dog. I think we can feel it,too. Lily will never replace Sarah in our hearts and memories,but she is an adorable pet and we will find a special place in our hearts for her as well.It is my guess that she is here to stay.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Sarah. I've been in your situation and it hurts. I know the new pup can never take her place,but I'm sure she'll give you lots of love and laughs. Take care, Tami

  2. Hi Sue- Lily's a tiny little girl and so cute.
    I know things will work out with her!

  3. Lily has sure lightened(and cluttered)things up around this house.She is such a joy to us both.Sarah would have loved her,too.