Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I plugged my ears and closed my eyes while Pop pulled the trigger.

From this......

To this.
How do other folks stand to kill their animals for household meat? It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but as I got into the job at hand, of plucking and gutting the two roosters, I felt myself go numb to the fact that we had raised them from chicks,mere eggs even.Kind of an out-of-body experience, I reckon. It's something folks have been doing since the beginning of time,I suppose. Some animals,I hope, have been out on the earth to use in that way. For what other purpose or reason could there be for them being here. But I get to thinking about their thoughts as they see the end is near. Do they think about things like we do as humans. I think dogs do. One can almost sense the thoughts of their pets,whether it be happiness, or sadness,over our presence, our scolding, or our praise.Do chickens not feel those same things.That's the part that worries me when the time comes for them to serve the purpose for which they were intended.Meat for the table.There must be a better way.


  1. Only vegan Sue, and I sometimes wonder if plants have feelings...
    Great photos!

  2. I remember as a child watching my Dad take off the chickens heads and then watching them run around the yard headless.
    Have a blessed day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  3. I hear ya! I couldn't kill a rabbit in a story. I will eat meat, but someone else has to kill it. Oh, and I don't want a personal relationship with it beforehand either.