Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trial Run with Lily!

This is Lilly. No,she is definitely nothing like our Sarah,as we are finding out, but she was loaned to us,by our niece's son and his wife.This young couple have only been married a few years, and they now have a 2 year old daughter,so they stopped by for a short visit while Trick or Treating last night.Folks are a lot more cautious these days about letting their kids venture out too far, with all the bad thing happening to kids nowadays.Families bunch up now and watch their kids incessantly.The world is no longer a safe place for children to venture out very far unattended,but I'm sure most parents would not allow them to do so any way.

Nevertheless, while Amanda was here with her daughter,Savannah,we discussed the loss of our pet,Sarah.Amanda said she had a new dog, for only a couple of days now, but she could already see, it was not working out like they had planned. She was desperate to find it a new home.Lilly is a three month old Jack Russell and Shitzu-Tzu mix.

Pop and I have been mulling over the possibility of getting another dog. Not to take Sarah's place,because that would never be possible in a million years, but to ease the pain somewhat, by getting our minds on something other than Sarah. Since her death, on the 24th, our every move and thought evolved around the loss of Sarah,and that is definitely, not good.Crying, grieving, and mourning over a loss of any kind can make you physically sick,after awhile, if you let it. Pop is some better, but he still looses it at times.He has been keeping busy, helping the neighbors put new windows in a house right up the lane from us.He has gotten acquainted with these folks only in the last year, even though both of our families have been in this area for the entire time we have lived here.Thirty three years for us and longer for their family.Pop simply loves spending time with them when they come to the country. They all live in Louisville. Their farm,which is huge, is a get-away more or less for the past several generations. The older family members have long since turned the farm  over to the younger ones, and the entire farm has grown up badly in the last 30 plus years.Lately they have hired bulldozers to come in and clear the most of the farm and they are now leasing a big portion of it to big farmers for raising crops,and now, they have begun doing some restoration on the houses on the property.Pop enjoys their company and they his,so it has been a great help in keeping his mind off of the loss of Sarah.

I have tried to do a little research on the two breeds in Lily's lineage. I know all of the research in the world will not tell you how this pet will blend with us and our family, but at least we will have a general idea of what to expect of this particular breed.The rest will depend on how we work with her and how much time we put into training her to adjust to us and our lifestyle as well as us to hers.

There is so much information out there on dogs,I have only copied a few lines on each breed.

The Shih-Tzu is an alert and spunky little dog. Happy and hardy, endowed with loads of character. They are royally dignified, courageous and sometimes arrogant. This breed does well with polite, careful children. The gentle loyal Shih-Tzu makes friends easily and although obstinate can respond well to consistent patient training.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a cheerful, merry, devoted, and loving dog.  Spirited and obedient, yet absolutely fearless.  Careful and amusing, he enjoys games and playing with toys.  Stable Jack's are friendly and generally kind to children. Children should be taught not to tease or hit the dog.  They are intelligent, and if you let them take an inch, they can become willful and determined to take a mile. 

Lily may be a little more spunky than we are use to, but at the moment,she is quietly sleeping on the bed beside me,as I post today.Maybe this trial will work out for us after all.Pop says he will continue to look for a dog that fits him more closely to the fit he had with Sarah. I can only wish him the best in his search, but I know down deep,it will never happen.

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  1. I saw a comment about a new dog so I had to come over and see for myself! I'm sorry about you losing your dog, I still miss my pups that have left me. Dog love is definitely gooooood love.

    I had a shih tzu. They aren't the smartest but they are very good little lap dogs. Not yappy either. Jack Russells on the other hand usually are hyper and yappy. Hopefully, this one will have the best of both breeds.

    I have a chihuahua/pomeranian mix and while he is prone to bark he isn't snappy with kids. Some things are just hard wired into breeds and the barking is a trait of a chihuahua and pom.

    I wish you luck with the little Lily. She is cute.