Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall has fell!

With the cool and windy days of late, I have been spending much more time indoors. I go out to mow and bag up a few leaves occasionally,I tend to the chickens, I walk the new dog.The usual stuff,but for the most part I get to play. I cut up a lot of my wood pieces this morning into more manageable sizes,so while I was doing that, I figured it would be a good time to try my hand at making a new sign. I try to make lots of them during the winter. A friend of mine dropped by one night here lately, and was telling me how she makes crafts all year, then sets up at one of the surrounding Community Days, and has real good luck at selling her crafts.I have always thought about trying that, but never really done it. I usually end up giving mine away as gifts,which works out nicely,too.I have enjoyed making the craft and ,hopefully, they enjoy receiving them.

Hopefully, this is one of the many signs I will be making as the colder weather sets in.I love making signs about as much as I do matching up my fabrics for my many little projects.I get to use my sketching, my various styles of lettering and my quotes.What could be more fun?


  1. I spend most of my time indoors in the cooler weather, also. Love the new sign!

  2. Thanks. I can't wait to paint lots more. I may paint this winter rather than to sew or crochet.I like to mix it up so as not to get too tired of any one craft.

  3. So sorry to hear about Sarah...

  4. I like it Sue, you are so talented.
    I'm making product for the last two shows but am also researching homemade Christmas gifts.
    I sent you an E-Mail on ideas and recipes I'm considering.
    The potato chip canister thing is pretty cool as well as the parchment paper mini cupcake box.
    Let me know what you think.

    The new dog is very cute, sorry I forgot her name.
    Haven't had much time to reply to posts but I do read them.

  5. ooh sue you should have seen the "art" at the mall on sunday...the lady used to sell at craft markets but now does the mall. she makes cut outs in a thin board (about 1/4 inch) then paints and then laquers with a car gloss coat, all highly glossy, she had things like "sisters" "love" "hope" etc and some with sea shells stuck on, some glitter, they were beautiful, she makes little plaques too like "sisters make best friends" with love hearts around it, ive seen them in peoples houses and wondered where they got them. ps she wasnt a young lady either!

  6. I like the idea about the quotes! I have no talent for that sort of thing, my hat is off to you!