Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Special Gift from a Special Niece

Thanks Beverly, for your thoughtfulness. I love the goodies you have sent. What a surprise.

 I came home from visiting with Mom,Rita, and Mary, yesterday,while we did some last minute preparations for our Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's big house, and did not find any mail in the box. Quite strange for us. We always have something in the box, even if it is junk mail. Nevertheless, later in the day, a young neighbor stopped by for our monthly craft night, and when she arrived at the door, there was my mail. And a package from Beverly. How nice. It included two sets of the little salt and pepper shakers. She knew I had been looking for a specific type.Also, included was a picture frame with the title of my blog on it, two snapshots of herself and her new hubby,and a little note from her. I do love getting packages in the mail. Thanks Beverly. You are so sweet for thinking of your Aunt Susie.Love you bunches!!!!!


  1. ...and the brown paper packing will be great to use in my tag making. I hate to waste anything.

  2. how cool is that?
    I love packages too!!!
    I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving with your family.