Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Day

Mine and Theirs
I usually like to take something to occupy my hands where ever I go, just in case. I am one of those people who gets antsy if my hands are idle. I knew when I went to Mom's for Thanksgiving Dinner, that I would be sitting idle for a few hours, so I bought something to do.Of course, we socialized while there, but I don't smoke, and I don't drink that much coffee, which is what most folks do while they are sitting and socializing. I sew or crochet or something of that nature. This particular day, I brought the materials needed for a primitive angel. I had bought the one on the right, during one of my trips to the local consignment shops,to use as a  pattern.It looked simple enough and it might be after I get the hang of it, but that first one was a bit nerve wrecking. I did have a little help from my two year old,great nephew,Braydon.You know how they love to help at that age.
Braydon and my Mom
Braydon is not only a good helper, he is a Ham when it comes to picture taking. He wanted me to get several different shots of him in different poses.That's Mom in the background,waiting for the crowd to gather,bringing in all the food.

Rita and her daughter,Cindy,Braydon's mother, spent the night at Mom's, so they were busy cooking their foods for the day. Everyone else would bring their food contribution when they arrived.We had plenty of food by the time the meal was ready to begin.

We had a wonderful day for our Thanksgiving gathering. 
   Lots of good food and fellowship with family.


  1. Sue you' all know how to throw a party!!!
    Glad you enjoyed the family.fellowship.
    The angel is really sweet too!

  2. Great job on the angel, Sue. And little Braydon is adorable! :)

  3. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was a good one!