Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Day,Another Project (The Resting Rock)

Today being Wednesday, plus Carmen's Birthday, both girls, their husbands, and Pop and I all gathered in at their regular eating place, Farmer's Feed Mill Restaurant, for breakfast. After a nice visit at the restaurant, we all headed for the Flea Market. Too hot to linger long, but I did buy a set of three of the cutest and simplest little birdhouses, for the pattern, more or less, and a set of red white and blue star cookie cutters which can be used for cookies or for patriotic decorating,such as the 4th of July. Oh, yes! I bought another food mill for making juice. I have a couple already, but this one was not rusty and a real good price of $8. They sell new for $25.00 or more, out in the stores.
the rock

After our short outing, Pop and I returned home and put another 2 tractor scoops of top soil in my raised bed. That should cap it off good. Then we worked on a little bench I wanted constructed from the huge slab of limestone rock that Pop uprooted when working with my railroad ties for the raised bed. I put 2 concrete blocks under it to raise it to a good height for sitting. It's placed under a shade tree, near the raised bed,so I can take a break from digging in my new bed, whenever necessary. I had 2 extra blocks, so I'll find another flat rock to sit on top of them for a table, so I can enjoy a pitcher of iced tea, while I rest.

I had Pop to put a couple of scoops of mulch around the seat, to keep the grass smothered down, up close and beneath the seat. That will help out with my mowing and trimming. I'll go down and tinker a bit more as the days get cooler. The heat this last few days has been too unbearable to do much outdoors unless you get out really early or really late.

We have been turning the chickens out most evenings to eat bugs and such, so we are usually out and about anyway.That will work out nicely. I can work on my seating area while I wait for them to go back to their pen.They don't get in any hurry either, they are so happy to be out of their pen.I hope to have pictures of my finished "Resting Rock" area, soon.

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