Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't go through life being bitter.

Did you ever wonder why some people are so bitter. I guess if we took the time to sit and talk to these people, we just might see why they would have reason to be the way they are, but does it really do you any good to harbor all those thoughts and feelings that made you this way? I think, in the long run, it only hurts the person harboring the feelings. Bitterness can eat away at you in many ways.So much so, that you get to the point where you are physically ill.The person who made you feel this way is usually going on about their business as usual, without a care in the world, if they are still living.If they are not, then who are you hurting by being bitter. Those people you come in contact with every minute of every day, when it was never their fault.I suppose it is hard to let something go, that has hurt you so bad, in the past, but continuing to dwell on negative things is not healthy.I think one way of getting past these kinds of feelings is to get involved with life and find something that you dearly love to do, and do it.When your mind is actively involved in something that makes you happy, there is no room left for sadness or bitterness or any other negative feelings.(Thanks for listening to my opinion on bitterness)

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