Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seeing is Believing!

If you know Pop, you know that he hates snakes. I, personally, would have let it live, but Pop is petrified of any kind of snake. Black snakes or cow snakes eat rodents, which is a good thing, but since we don't have that many mice in and around our hen house(could be the snake eats more of them than we know),we felt he was eating more eggs than mice. I guess we will find out in the next few months. We may be run over with mice. I think this might be the snake that has been around our house for many years. We have had a few neighbors to tell us that they saw a large snake many times in our yard or driveway when they would stop in and we were not at home. If it is the same one,I hate to think it has been here that long, and now he is gone,not to mention such a horrible death. Pop put 17 rounds in the snake.When he says die, he means die.It was 60 inches long,and all muscle.The strength of that snake was unreal.
In a way, I am sorry we had to destroy the black snake, since they are considered a desirable snake for farm life,but after reading that black snakes can potentially cross with copperheads and become poisonous themselves, I think it's best we don't take the chance, although it does sadden me to see him killed.

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