Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update on My Wishy Washy Post

The best I can tell, there are 3 pairs of Martins nesting in my gourds. They seem to have a routine. I'm not sure, but it appears the mother sets on the nest full time, unless there is an intruder close by. In that case, I believe the entire flock comes out to run the intruder off. They ran off a couple of large yellow breasted birds that were trying to build in the multiplex Martin Box.The Martins have never attempted to use that box, but I guess the other birds were too close for comfort.The yellow breasted birds are no longer trying to build there.Each morning, Pop and I go out to the back porch, where we sit and drink our morning coffee and read the daily paper. From that spot, we can oversee the garden as well, as to how it is progressing.Sarah sits with us,usually in our lap, but she is mad at us both this morning.We had to give her a bath last night with the garden hose, after she had rolled in something stinky, while with Pop at the neighbors barn raising.

About an hour after day breaks, the male Martins appear to come in from the tree tops nearby,and proceed to gather food for their mates. At least that is what we have surmised from watching them. They will circle the sky for several minutes, then fly to their prospective gourd for a second or two, then they are off again, only to return a few minutes later,going through the same procedure. Surely, they are feeding their mate.After several minutes of this, the 3 males(we assume) will fly away, and be gone for a few hours, only to return and go through the same process once more. This goes on 2 to 3 times a day.Then at night the males disappear for the night. It's fascinating to watch them. I only hope they have good luck in hatching out several babies, who, hopefully, will return to our home each year. Some folks have told us there is no guarantee of that.They may vanish and not return at any time. I hope that is not true, but it is all new to me, so we'll see what happens with my Martins from this point.Wish me luck!

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