Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Flower Beds Do Double Duty

The chickens aren't the only things that pull double duty around our place. I love to get more than one use out of some of my beds. I transplanted about 25 strawberry plants this spring in a spot where I felt I would be more apt to take care of them. Usually they are in some out of the way spot, which is unhandy to attend to.This way I have to pass them umpteen times a day, and hopefully, I will keep check on them better. I came from a long line of farm families, and believe me, they are more trouble then tobacco,which we've raised most of our lives.I feel the strawberries are well worth the $7 a gallon that the Amish folks charge for theirs, already picked.
It's hard to see in this picture, but I have planted a few other things in the strawberry row. I put in a few broccoli, a few squash, and an occasional sunflower. I figure if I need to keep the strawberry row nourished all year, I might as well put in some edibles for the summer, and a few flowers for good measure. I use this bed, since it is on the back side of the house, for growing a few extra veggies.I use to have my own little play garden out front by the pergola, but since I am getting older and can't take care of it like I'd like to,and it did get neglected quite a bit, I felt it was an eye sore right in the front yard, so I let it all grow back up in yard. Now I just incorporate a few items amongst my flower beds. Pop still raises our regular garden, but that's mostly his project. I like to experiment with different things.Things that he doesn't care about.I'm like Gavin of 'The Greening of Gavin'. I need my hands in the dirt on a regular basis.

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