Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Mood...

There's nothing like a stroll through Walmart to get you in the mood for the upcoming Holiday. Our local store is remodeling, and you need to take a stroll in it several times before you go to do your actual shopping. If not, you will end up a very upset shopper. Nothing is where it use to be. Everything has been totally rearranged.Some items have been discontinued to make way for a lot of new items.It is unreal, the changes they have made.Many of the shelves are low enough you can see clear across the store.The isles are much wider, or so it seems to me. It is mind boggling.I spent an hour, just looking things over Sunday, before I even began shopping. I still did not see it all.I did see, however, they have more Fourth of July decorations than I have ever seen in any one store.That is what I mean by getting you in the mood. All of the vibrant colored items.I never dreamed you could get so many different items in red, white, and blue. I mean down to the wash cloths. Even they are packaged in the colors to match the holiday.I have said it before, and I will say it again, Those marketing folks know their business.They know just exactly how to pull in the money. The pet supplies are equally mind boggling. They know folks are crazy about their pets nowadays, so they have at least 6 rows of shelves, both sides, filled with pet supplies.

I got so excited about he 4th after visiting Walmart today, I came home and began thinking of things I could put out for the Holiday. I don't usually decorate that much for the 4th, but I was In The Mood after this mornings trip.This is an old aluminum bowl I have used for flowers and bird seed for years. I decided to dress it up for the holiday.The top picture is a bird feeder I got from my sister, Mary, years ago. I dressed it up last year. the picture below it is a pot of red, white, and blue flowers. I wish it had been filled out more,but I should have got the idea much sooner for the flowers to look really nice.Beside the hanging flower is an old chicken feeder lid I converted into a bird feeder. I give it a face lift of red, white, and blue paint also.I had a few more things to put out, but hopefully next year, I'll be better prepared to pull out my decorations for the 4th of July.When I was working, that was a big part of my pleasure. Decorating the cafeteria and my bulletin boards with all sorts of Holiday ideas.I just hadn't got in the mood for decorating my home that way, but maybe I will give it a try.My crafts are nowhere as neat as some folk's, but I do love making them anyway.

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