Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Need (Want) a Good Camera!

The camera I have now is wonderful, but it has been dropped and I think that has affected it somewhat. It has a small crack in the housing, but evidently it has done something to the inner works,too. It acts up at times.Sooooooo!I am opting for an upgraded camera next time. I love taking pictures for my blog, and I need and want a zoom lens.I guess I'll call on my son-in-law for advice. He has a fancy camera, and he can figure out anything when it comes to electronics.I'd like something,not too expensive, but of good quality,but I doubt you can get those two features in one product.We'll see what he comes up with.
Had I had a good camera, this would have been an excellent shot. There were 5 little yellow and black gold finches in my newly painted feeder. There are 4 in the bowl and one is perched up high on the chain.Hardly even visible. They were all sitting around the edge of the bowl, but had moved by the time I could fetch my camera, and even then I zoomed in, looking through the kitchen window, which could use some cleaning. But now you see why I want and need a new camera.I'd love for my blogger friends to see the beautiful things I get to see in my own surroundings.Most folks have to go somewhere else to enjoy a lot of what we see here on our own little 5 acre lot.

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