Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Too Hot Outdoors for Me!

I try to get in a few minutes of yard or garden work each day before it gets too hot, but by the time we have finished our breakfast and our morning ritual of sitting together on the porch for coffee,conversation, Pop's after breakfast smoke, watching the Purple Martins, and the garden growing, it's already getting pretty warm.I hate to sit there so long, but if I don't spend a few minutes with Pop, at that time, I don't get to sit and visit with him all day. We are busy people. Today, I went to Mom's, just in case Stacey couldn't get off from work, in time for Mom's doctor's appointment.Mom is taking therapy for her shoulder.Something strange is happening with it, besides arthritis and a near frozen shoulder joint. We took pictures of it today to show the doctor. He was out, so the therapy folks didn't have her do her exercises today until they could show the pictures to her neurologist.
All was not lost though. Stacey got off in time to take Mom, so I visited with my sister,Rita and her two daughters,Tina and Cindy, and Rita's grandson,Braydon,Cindy's child, while they were there mowing Mom's yard.Rita and her daughters all work, and we don't get to visit as much as we'd like to. Everyone has such hectic schedules.She mows for Mom once a week,so that's a good time to visit.
I have started working on one of my little quilts again, especially, when it's too hot to work outdoors, some days, I sit and visit with friends or watch TV with Pop, and sew.I can really get in the sewing mood, if I know I can't go outside, for whatever reason,heat,rain,darkness,etc.You might remember,this is the quilt I started way back when I first began working on my craft room, painting the shelving blue,etc.I had it hung on the divider wall, until I could get back to it.

I took a couple of valances down this morning. It was bugging me, the fact that the background in the valance fabric was much whiter than the background in the curtains themselves.I just got lucky in finding material so close in that particular pattern.The curtain material was bought new when the house was first built, but the valances survived the house fire.I took the valances down and drenched them in coffee. That made them just the right shade. Coffee may wash out,though. I think I should have used tea. I wasn't real sure which to use.It looks good at the moment. But we'll see what happens after a good washing in a few weeks.If it doesn't hold the coffee, I will try tea, then iron it in. Maybe that will help set it for sure.

I returned home to find my goats out. First time in a long while. Pop thinks maybe since it is so dry,the ground rod is not making good contact. He had me to pour a bucket of water around the metal ground rod.We'll see if that helps. I laid a few more obstructions under some sections of the electric fence. That discourages them somewhat.These are just a few of my doings today,on my little piece of the world.Until my next post, Happy Blogging!


  1. hi sue it sure is hot, we have very little garden done, don't know if it will go any farther LOL. about dixie ,i'm pretty sure jennifer and latesa found her the year that robert and jennifer was marry and that was 1993, they was marry for 1 year, when they found her they wanted to kept her but they had just gotten a little german sheperd pup and couldn't kept her, maybe this will help with her age. Connie

  2. Your sure a busy person!
    Our house is busy too there is always something to keep busy with.

  3. Wow - who knew retirement was such a busy time! :o) I know my Mom and Dad stay quite busy in their retirement...but they do a fair bit of relaxing and watching the birds and squirrels too... Love the quilt you are working on...I am a big quilt lover, but I don't know a thing about making them, so I am always impressed by quilters...

    Sorry about the fire you suffered in '07 - that must have been devastating... I love the porch on your new place - I'm a porch kinda girl. I can't wait till we redo our old porch on the mobile home and build a larger, covered one in its in good time.

    I'm enjoying our visits - thanks for stopping by - I look forward to our next seems we truly do have a lot in common! :o)

    Hugs & Blessings,