Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little More Blue

It was too hot yesterday to do much outdoors. I could hardly muster up enough energy to get started,then Mom called. She was telling me all about her projects she had going, and got me motivated to go out and do SOMETHING,JUST ANYTHING.She's 84, you know.I guess you could say she laid a guilt trip on me, and it worked.This was around 8 a.m. and it was already muggy and hot outside.Nevertheless, I found a can of blue paint, left over from my 2 shed roof touch ups, and headed to the shop to work on a birdhouse I had salvaged from the neighbor's discarded lumber pile.The storm, a few weeks back, took the roof off Steve's barn, and the Amish were just now getting to the job of fixing it for him.He gave us all the discarded lumber for kindling this winter.We waste very little.There on top of the pile was 'The Birdhouse". I think Pop had already hinted to Steve that the birdhouse would not make it to the kindling pile.I would have it restored the next time he saw it. He was so right. It was such a nice bird house.Six compartments. It just needed a little TLC.I proceeded to work on it, when I passed an old wooded ladder in my yard,that my baby sister,Stacey, had given me. Someone she knew was discarding it, and it was in tact. Just old and weak. She immediately thought of me.Everyone knows how I love to use old things in my yard as yard ornaments. Usually to hold flowers. The ladder would be perfect for the Hummingbird vine, or maybe some morning glories,or more birdhouse gourds.Maybe even a Clematis, a Wisteria, or a Trumpet Vine.The possibilities are endless.Anyway, I stopped long enough to paint the ladder, then on to my Birdhouse. I think I got sidetracked and did 15 other jobs before I got to the shop. That's normal for me.I ended up painting one post on the tractor shed, another project I had planned to get to some day. I set out a Burning bush and a few touch-me-nots, by the tractor shed door, to keep the grass from growing up there so bad.We never trim as close to the out building, as I would like, but I'm trying to do better(we have so many things to trim around).Hopefully,I will get a picture, later in the summer, of the ladder all covered with something.And the tractor barn. I'll work on it a little along the way, if the summer heat doesn't get the best of me first.And 'Oh, yes, the birdhouse'.Stay tuned.

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