Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little Housekeeping (In the Yard)

This is one of my beds taken BEFORE I did a little housekeeping in my yard.

This is the same bed AFTER I did a little housekeeping in my yard.

I have so many bed everywhere. Usually they are there for a reason(at least I thought it was a good reason, at the time,many years ago),but now I am rethinking my landscaping. In a rural area such as ours, it is very hard to have a neatly manicured yard like the city folks do. So much area to keep up, but I hope to narrow my work down my rearranging things a bit this summer.I am seriously thinking of using the #3 rock, or something similar,in some places, since the mulch melts down after awhile, and needs renewing yearly.The types of mulch and edging available for beds nowadays,is endless.Surely, there is a product out there that will be just right for solving my bedding problems.

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