Saturday, June 12, 2010

The kitten that went to town......

Pop and I were out doing a few minor chores which took us to town, and of course, the traffic was bad.We were right in front of the busy mall when Pop stopped suddenly in the middle of the road and put the truck in reverse. I screamed,"What are you doing. You're gonna get us killed."Luckily the red light had caught the traffic behind us, and we were in no immediate danger, but nevertheless, I persuaded him to pull over to a safer spot, which he did, then proceeded to get out and walk back to where he had seen a tiny kitten, in the road.He said he couldn't bear the thought of that cute little kitten getting smushed with all that traffic. That was very unusual for Pop. He hasn't wanted me to get a cat for some time. I have wanted to get a new kitten for the grand kids for some time now. It looks like we have one now.We stopped by the bank, for one of our chores, and were able to get a small box to put the kitten in. It kept crawling in tight places under the seats of the truck and we were afraid it would get stuck or do something worse in our new truck. A box seemed like the answer until we could get it home.We stopped by Long John Silvers for our lunch, and saved a bite or two for the new kitten, although it was too frightened to eat or drink. We brought it home and kept it in the garage for now.The grandchildren will be so happy. They love cats. Especially baby kittens. They have 3 cats of their own.I have had several cats in my lifetime that I dearly loved, but they don't last long in this rural area, and we are not much on house cats.The few house cats I have had in the past would eventually get out and meet their demise on the road. I could not bear that again. It is too painful.Hopefully we won't get that attached to a barn cat, but you know how that will go.Cats love being touched by gentle hands and we'll end up spoiling it, just like every other living thing on this little farm.
Well, the weekend has come and gone, and the grand kids and our dog,Sarah, have made friends with Lucky,our new kitten. He will be staying in the house and garage until he gets use to his new surroundings, then, hopefully, he will become a yard and barn cat.We'll see how that goes.


  1. sue enjoy your blog today, the little kitten was a lucky little thing. We don't have any cats now, our last one died of cancer last year. The blackberry vines you gave us has a few berries on them, maybe I can do a pie out it, when they are ready to pick.Later Connie

  2. That's one lucky little kitten !
    I love stories like that !