Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Curse On Women

Did you ever hear of a man being awakened out of a sound sleep with the nagging thoughts of what all he needs to get accomplished in the upcoming day? No? I didn't think so. I awoke this morning thinking of buying myself a new carpet shampooing machine. Mom owns one, and the entire family has used it for years, rather than rent one of those monstrous things,only to find it is nasty,filthy, dirty, leaky, and just plain worn out,from the abuse from so many previous careless renters.Then you have to rush at break neck speed to get your rugs shampooed and get the monster back before the deadline is up. Oh yes, and don't forget. You need to clean the nasty machine,to the best of your abilities, even though hundreds of previous users, did not.No wonder, folks would rather call Carpet Cleaners of America, or what ever they call them selves, to come in and do the cleaning for you. But with all the widespread corruption going on in the world, you need to do a background check on all of their employees, before allowing them to enter your home. You can't be too careful these days.The most unsuspected folks will steal you blind, with you right there in their presence.

I'm convinced! I think I'll rush out and get myself a new shampoo machine as soon as the day breaks.

But then, the dirty rugs are not the only thing that awakened me this morning.

Pop and his cousins went fishing yesterday, and brought home a boat load of fish, and will be going back this morning, to most likely, pick up the trout-lines, and another boat load of fish.I don't even know how to clean fish and don't care to learn, but we both had to pitch in yesterday, in order to get them all cleaned,only to go through the entire messy project again today.Then there's the job of bagging them up for the freezer. I'll bet you can guess who'll get that job. Pop's new found friends are down from Louisville, and when they come down to their farm, they need Pop there to entertain them.I guess it could be worse. They could all congregate here,which they do quite often.Pop stops everything to sit and entertain them, but I know better. I continue on with my work.Someone has to keep the place together.Most times it's only men, but then occasionally, they bring their girl friends and/or their wives, who definitely are not into the things I do. In most cases, they carry their drink of choice with them, so I know right off the bat, I need to keep myself busy and out of the area.

I can sympathize with Priscilla Presley more and more every day.It is sheer hell, at times,being married to a celebrity.

The list of chores that awakened me this morning goes on and on, but you get the picture.Not only this morning,but many mornings I am awakened with thoughts of the many thing that I need to get done.My yard work,which takes precedence nowadays, is no where near done, but I keep chipping away at it every waking minute,as the weather and temperature allows.

Is it just me. or do other women see this as part of the curse on the woman?

(As I proofread my post this morning, I started to delete it. I hate for my blogger friends to learn how frustrated I get at times, but then I decided to go ahead and get it off my chest.Post it!What the heck. It's therapeutic,you know!)


  1. It's certainly part of our lives as wives and mothers. For me it's that I sometimes get out of bed several times when I'm trying to drop off to sleep to write something on my list of must-do's for tomorrow.

    Occasionally I think of the days when dinner was a jar of store bought sauce dumped over a packet of store bought pasta, and cookies came from the store and everything else I fed my dh and for a while my eldest. Gee, life was simpler and kitchen duties were much faster.

    But, I wouldn't go back, I just need to bring my boys up to help out more. I've started....must continue!

    1. My hubby is still asleep. My racing mind got me out of bed though I only got in it at 3AM. Have 9 adorable puppies to make up for late bedtime. My mind has way more work than my body or hours in the day can take care of. Hope you find a few hours today to call your own and rest.

  2. Sue I think we all wake up thinking of thing of what we are going to do, only what we want to get done don't because something else needs to be done, I wake up during the night and get stuff on my mind and can't go back to sleep, I think it is a woman thing, hang in there, it will get done and if it don't who will know about it beside you. Have fun cleaning the fish!!!! Connie

  3. Oh my Sue, fresh fish, yummy, but I think I would have disappeared when it came time to clean them!!!!

    And yes, I do wake up in the night with chore lists among other things. These days mostly job related!