Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Catch!

Pop and two of his first cousins get together every now and then to stock up on our fish supply. This one trip should do us all year. Pop guesstimates they caught around 30 fish. Mostly Catfish,and a few crappie.Many of the catfish were pretty much, the size of the one pictured above.Pop does a decent job of cleaning the fish, but he doesn't claim to know what he's doing,and I know even less,but between us both, we got them cleaned and ready for the freezer.

I have a first cousin who lives in Alaska, and when they fish, they really fish. From what I understand,when the time is right for the fish to bite, they set up camp out by the fishing hole, where they catch, clean, and can the fish right there on the spot.They catch enough for the year and they are done.I guess if fish were my main source of protein and we had no other choices, I would do it, but cleaning fish is not high on my list of Things I enjoy.

Pop is so proud of his catch, I wouldn't dare let him know my fish of choice is from Long John Silvers or Captain D's.


  1. Nice catch for POP, but i'm like you I like Captian D and Long john... Have a good day!

  2. Awesome fish Sue, I don't blame pops for being proud.

  3. Now that is a catch to be proud of