Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Little Gardens

It seems my little make shift gardens are paying off. Pop thinks I'm foolish for wanting my little containers all around the yard,filled with potting soil and such, when we live on 20 acres (now).We originally had 5 acres, for 30 plus years.He sees no sense in having a garden other than in the ground. As we all know(well,maybe not Pop)things change. The seasons, the climate,etc. Things that we have no control over.When my little gardens need water, I can water them without stressing the well,during dry times.No wasted run off.When they need nutrition, I can give them a few handfuls of compost.If they need harvesting, I can harvest the produce without breaking my back.There are so many advantages to having raised beds, regardless of what form they may take.Maybe these nice veggies will help him to change his mind a bit, when we have them with our evening meal of brown beans and cornbread.

1 comment:

  1. The weather has been so psychotic I haven't even planted anything but a few onions so far. Glad to see you are having some luck!