Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Trip to Kentucky Motor Speedway

Pop and his eldest daughter,Rhonda, are really big fans of Nascar Racing.Pop was a race car driver when he was young, around the time Rhonda was born.She grew up with her Dad going to and from every racetrack possible,no matter how far away they might be.She has it in her blood now,as bad as her father. Rhonda is presently unemployed,mostly by choice,with the exception of a few days of substitute teaching now and then.That makes it possible for Pop and her to spend a little more time together.I never go with them on the race trips, but Rhonda's husband has taken up quite a bit of interest in it, so he goes with them nowadays.He really gets into the camping part of the trips, I think, more than the race itself. He is a heating and cooling man, so he is as handy as a pocket on a shirt,in that department. He has all of the knowledge and equipment needed to construct anything they could possibly need to make camping more enjoyable,and he does a great job of that.He has constructed an oven to bake whatever needed for the meals while on their camping trips.He contructed Rhonda her own private porta-potty.He rigged up air conditioning for her tent.I don't think there is much they could possibly need, that he couldn't come up with.He is a genius when it comes to finding something to meet their needs under most circumstances.

Well, today,Rhonda's husband,Marc, had a Marathon to run in Louisville,Kentucky, so he was not able to make the trip to Kentucky Motor Speedway with them. Guess who got to take his place. Right! Lucky Me!
As I said, I am not into the racing thing. I'd rather been at home in the yard working with my flowers,but being the good wife that I am, I went along. It was a cold windy day today, so we shivered the entire time we were there,but I got to see a lot of what they normally see when they are there.With the exception of the ten thousand people.They said that alone was a sight to behold.Today was Ford Fan Day.We got to see some of the new Fords and lots of the past Ford models. It was interesting,even though it wasn't exactly my 'cup of tea'.After the tour of the Speedway, they drove around the country,showing me the campsite where they had camped out, and the surrounding sites. One place of interest,close by, was the Belterra Casino Resort.Since we were site seeing, they thought that would be a great place to show me. I have no plans of ever attending, but it was a fascinating place to see, even though we only drove past the place.

All in all, it was an interesting day,although a bit tiring for two older folks like ourselves. I think even Rhonda was glad to get back home.

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