Monday, April 2, 2012

Envy Your Friends No More

Have you ever wished you could make all of those beautiful bon bons,chocolate covered cherries, petit fours,etc. that your friends make to bring to festive gatherings?Well, wish no more. I have figured out a way to impress your friends, if only through a picture or email.Just make sure they don't get the opportunity to bite into one.I have made mine from wood,foam rubber and black gum balls,and wax,which may not be so tasty.

I purchased myself a candle warmer, which was on sale for half price, in hopes of melting down my many candles and wax scraps, in order to sweeten up the smell in the house, as well as to make new scented candles.After melting the wax, I thought of several things I wanted to try with the melted wax. This was one of the ideas.I plan on experimenting more with the wax color and scent in order to make other things. My sister,Vicki, dipped pine cones in wax, for fire starters, one year, and I got the basket of pine cones as one of my gifts in our Red Neck Christmas. I love the scent they give off, but would not dare use them for fire starters. They are way too pretty. I have lots of pine cones now that we have purchased a small scope of woods, so that may be my next project,but not today. I have too many other irons in the fire.I can hear the flower beds are calling my name as we speak.

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