Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Thought for the Day

.As I was working with my little tags early this morning, while waiting for Pop to awaken,this one little line struck a chord with me.I get a lot of flack over what I do, but I am not going to get discouraged.I love doing what I do, and it gives me peace and contentment. I love to recycle everything.Most things can be used for another purpose. As I was working with my little tags, I pulled out the garbage can,only to find a sugar bag I had tossed away yesterday,inadvertently. It was lined with brown paper which I use a lot of, and I usually save that,too, but I had accidentally tossed it in the trash
I pulled it out, ironed it, and proceeded to make more little tags.

These little tags can be used on varoius gifts.Whether it be a candle, a bar of soap, a jar of jelly,a gift bag,a plate of cookies,etc.Just a simple little verse to help brighten someone's day.They are so much fun to make and cost nothing at all.

My family all know the things I use, and they all save me lots of usable items to add to my crafting supplies.
The twine was a gift from my sister,Vicki. Thanks,Vicki.While visiting my neice this past week, I picked up a few of the tiny pine cones from her yard. I usually end up buying these same cones for my crafts, but she had oodles in her yard.Thanks, Beverly.

P.S. Beverly , Thanks to you and your husband's family for the wonderful time we had while visiting your home and town.We enjoyed our trip and will surely be visiting again. 

more little tags