Friday, April 6, 2012

Gift bags

I delivered my first gift bag to my Mother. She likes pretty things and us girls try to take her pretty things as often as we can.Her memory is failing badly, but she still enjoys the gifts even though she can never remember who brought them.As soon as I delivered the dessert tray and explained that it was not edible, she wanted to hang it on the wall for all to see.I can't see how that would possibly work.Common sense tells me that hot glue just would never work on wax,but knowing Mom, she will find a way to get it done.

Nevertheless, today, I worked on a new addition to my dessert tray. Chocolate covered wafers.I have accumulated several cardboard pieces,which I cut for use in my crafts. Not really having a plan in mind. When I started thinking of something to do with them, I thought of my dessert tray and how I could use them on that. I decided to glue 3  pieces together, then dipped them in brown wax to make chocolate covered wafers.They look so real, I caught myself almost wanting to eat one. I do love the real chocolate covered wafers. I hope this dish will be as pretty as the first, when it's all bagged up.

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