Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Quick Trip to the Smokies

Sorry, but I failed to bring the camera. We had a lovely time in the Smokies when we delivered my sister,Vicki, back to her daughter's home, in Canton, North Carolina. I had never spent any great length of time in the Smokies. Only once,when I was still working, maybe, for a quick vacation, but I was always so stressed out from work, I could not enjoy my trip.This trip was a little different. Still rushed, but more relaxing. No more job to hurry back home to.The mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina are a sight to behold.The weather was excellent.Even Lillie had a peaceful trip. She slept most of the way,both going and coming home.Not all dogs like to ride in a vehicle,but she does.She sleeps like a baby.I can't even do that in a moving vehicle.I feel I must watch the road. It takes all eyes on the road anyway, going through that dreaded GORGE.I had always heard Pop speak of the gorge,which he had traveled several times with his brother who drove a big truck, hauling tobacco to that area,but even Pop's flamboyant stories,could not depict it as bad as it was.The road was very narrow and the big trucks were many.They had to stay in the right lane the entire way through the gorge,and I feel that was a good thing.Cars could get out of their way much better.There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than traffic moving at 80 miles an hour through an already dangerous stretch of the road.I know the truckers were upset at having to go much slower, and stay in the left lane, but I feel it made it much safer for us all. I awoke the next morning, dreading the trip back through the gorge, but all went well. Pop drove a little slower than he really wanted to, but I was more at ease because of it.

Vicki's daughter,Beverly, and her husband,Lynn,and his family, helped to make our trip to their town very enjoyable.We will definitely consider going back once again.We stayed one night in Lynn's family's cabin which was beautiful.The Pigeon River runs through the back yard.Both the sounds of rushing water and the lovely cabin,made for a heavenly vacation experience. If only we could have stayed longer.

Beverly,Vicki and I made a few stops in town.One stop was at Beverly's booth.Vicki is as excited about the booth as is Beverly. I hope they have lots of sales this tourist season.Vicki bought me a few nice Thank You gifts while we were out shopping.We are all very frugal shoppers. One of the things I got was the lovely piece of fabric, shown above,for 69 cents. I could not wait to get home and make something pretty from it. I am in the process of making 4 place mats for my small table and the little box is to hold whatever, and I have only used half the piece of fabric.I love the color and design in the fabric.I found the cranberry cup,to hold my teabags, and yes,Vicki, I found a cranberry colored box to hold my recycled paper towels.Now if I can get lucky enough to find more recycled towels for 50 cents a bundle.


  1. sounds like you had a very trip!!Like your fabric. :)

  2. Great that you got to get away for awhile and I love your goodies! :)

  3. It has been many a year since i was in the Smokies, sounds like the roads have not changed.