Thursday, September 6, 2012

By Golly! I Think I've Got It!

Wallah! I entered my blog directly through Google and was able to post this picture. I'm  not real sure if I will be able to post  another. I did go in and attempt to minimize some of the pics I wanted to use and this may be one of them. I will continue to play around a bit with it, in hopes of figuring it all out. 

Wheee! Another one posted. Let's try  a few more.

My sister,Rita, bought the ruffled can to go in her newly remodeled bathroom. She paid Leah $2 and Leah was hooked. She is now wanting to sell the rest at her yard sale set up on Saturday for John's school's Sunflower Festival.She can set up a table for a $10 fee, then sell her collectibles to raise money for an I Pad she is wanting. Pop and I offered to match whatever money she raised herself.  The John Deere can was not complete when this picture was taken. I added a piece from one of Pop's old belts, and a piece of rope. A young lad at the restaurant bought it on Sunday.

John picked this one, really quick, because of the camo fabric, but ,Sorry, John ,it sold to the same little boy, on Sunday.

Awesome!!! But I'll not get excited just yet. These may still be from my "worked with" picture files.I will try now posting from a group that has not been "worked with".

Who knew I could go straight to my blog via Google and post my pictures with no problem. I have always used IE and will,hopefully,continue with IE (except when I do my blogging).

It went just fine,too. Hopefully, I am back on track, because I had another story I am just dying to tell.This is Leah. She's the one holding the yard sale at her brother's school festival on Saturday.

I think this picture was a normal setting, and it went through just fine, so maybe, I've found the remedy to my problem,but I'm not holding my breath just yet. We'll see how things go with my next post.Wish me luck!


  1. cool, good luck sue and good luck leah

  2. The cans are looking pretty, sounds like you are doing good on posting your pictures. Maybe some day i can do this. I have a couple of little odd size can, i will drop off to you. Have a good day !