Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Try at Eclairs

I love to cook, but I take it by spells. If there is anything else that I enjoy more, going on in my life, cooking will have to take a back seat, and it does that quite often, but this little eclair thingy struck a chord with me. I felt I must do some research on how they are made. I thought I remembered the recipe involving hot water, and I know bagels are cooked that way, but my memory ended there. I had a vague memory of pop overs. Not sure if that was anything similar, or not, so I proceeded to do my "Research".I found a wonderful recipe for Chocolate Eclairs,on that appears to be quite simple,but as most cooks know,simple is not always as it seems.I will have to experiment a little to know if it is as simple as it sounds. Most likely,not.We'll have to see.Maybe, I'll post about my results later.I hope you noticed, I said,Maybe!

 Well, later has arrived. It was yesterday, as a matter of fact,and it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Most of the eight eclairs I made,are history. I will need to make another batch to take Mom her sample.The process was nothing near as bad as I had thought it would be. It was really simple, to say the least. I used an instant french vanilla pudding for my center(sorry). No whipped cream on hand to make the real filling recipe, and the sauce was a variation of the one in the recipe, but the results were close enough to suit me.You might say,I'm easy to please (on some things).Paula has a bit more experience than I, so maybe if I make the eclairs a few more times, I will get better(and fatter).

Terry,you really need to try this one.It was simple and lots of fun.You can take some short cuts on the filling and the sauce, or use your own choices for both, but the shell is what fascinated me by the way it was made.Who knew you could get such an end product from that beginning mixture?

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  1. Sue, I tried to reply before but it was a no go. I'll try the link and see about the recipe.