Saturday, September 15, 2012


Remember the two boxes of jars someone set out on the side of my road? Did I mention there was a huge glass lid  in the box with the jars? Guess what? It is the lid to a 4-quart Corning Ware Dutch Oven. I bought the bowl part of this same oven, years ago at a yard sale for a mere $4. I've never used the bowl that much, since it had no lid, but those days are over. I am bringing it out of storage and I'll be using it more this winter, which is when I use my oven the most.I can already think of lots of things I'll be cooking in it.

I went on e-bay just out of curiosity, to see if I could find the Dutch Oven and low and behold, there it was with a price tag of $59.99.What a find! How lucky can one gal get? Now, if I don't mess around and break it. I do tend to do a lot more of that nowadays.

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  1. That is so tiggeriffic~! I love cooking in Corning Ware.. Glad you were able to find the lid to go with your casserole.
    Have a great day~! TA TA FOR NOW from Iowa:)