Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Puppy

Pop came home from the Flea Market(I think he brought them all home on the puppy),and he was so excited. He had brought in a new puppy.He said he was afraid I would be upset. I don't know why he would think that. I am as much as an animal lover as he is. he has always been the one to hesitate on getting new dogs.Well, a Mennonite family had these puppies,said they were 1/2 Blue Healer and 1/2 Red Healer.That caught Pops attention,although it don't see red or blue anywhere on the dog. Only white with a few brown Speckles.(My suggestion for it's new name). Speckles(we'll call him for now) was covered with fleas. Pop and I undertook giving him a bath in flea shampoo in a tub of warm water. He took it tolerably well. Pop thinks he might have some Lab in him.They love water. Speckles seems to have taken up with me really quickly. I love to pet and cuddle with him and goo and gah and such.He likes me to rub his belly. His belly is really big. Not a good sign. Pop says we will take him to the vet and get him checked out soon. His gums are still fairly pink, but worms will probably be an issue. Then there are the shots required anymore for all dogs. You can have a lot invested in a new puppy before you know it. Our yard dog is getting older, so Pop wants Speckles to learn the ropes while Bear can still teach him.We have always had a good yard guard dog.They teach each other the boundaries of our property and if anyone steps on our property,they let us know immediately.I'll have an update now and then on progress with Speckles.    

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  1. My hubby better not bring another dog here, 3 is quite enough.
    Although, Speckles is a cutie!