Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't Worry!

Am I the only one who feels this way, or is it not ridiculous, to tell someone not to worry. I feel worrying is involuntary. I worry a lot about different things. I tell myself,I am not going to let something get to me, and at times, it works, but most of the time,NOT.I feel I am not as bad about worrying now that I am retired, and don't have the job related stress, but there will always be other things to stress about. Mom is a huge source of stress in my life right now,with her being older and having so many age related problems. Mainly, dementia and the early stages of Alzheimer's,and to make bad matters worse, she has a dreadful cold of sorts.It's hard enough to care for an Alzheimer's patient, much less one who is sick in other ways.I worry more about that than anything else at the moment, but there is always the fact that I cannot be in my home tending to my own life's problems.Pop says he can take care of himself, and I need not worry about leaving him home alone, to care for Mom, but he hasn't convinced me of that, yet. He can't even keep the sugar bowl filled up. He doesn't know where I keep the sugar, or the cornmeal, or the flour.I could go on and on about things he does not know about running our household. He depends strictly on me, regardless of what he tells everyone.He can cook, or use to ,before we married, but cooking is a skill that requires a bit of practice. Not a lot, but some practice.He can fry his own cornbread. He can make a meal of that alone,with milk and tomatoes,if I lay out all of the ingredients ahead of time.No, he's not an invalid, just spoiled.

mug rugs

hot pads

sachet bags and roses for hair,lapel,belt,etc.

smaller neck scarves

dish washing cloths

larger neck scarves
Nevertheless,I am trying not to worry about Mom tonight. Stacey took her to the doctor today with her cold, and he prescribed some antibiotics.Stacey will be with her for the remainder of the day,and Rita will fill in tomorrow until I can get through helping with Leah's big yard sale.Tomorrow is Sunflower Days for her brother,John's, school, and she has rented a spot to set up a table and raise some of the money she needs for a new I Pad.I am donating lots of my hand made items to her sale,plus we agreed to match whatever money she raises at the sale.I am so glad she is trying to raise part of the money on her own. Our two Grandchildren have been lavished with so much their entire lives, I feel it is good for her to see just how much work goes into making the money. Even though, this little yard sale is not that much work,she will think it is sheer drudgery.

Pictured, are a few of my many hand made items that have been accumulating around the house. I am hoping we can sell several items to raise the money she needs for her I Pad. The next item on her Wish list is a Bow. She has already taken Archery classes, and wants her own bow. I'd better get busy crocheting more things to contribute to that sale.

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  1. youre a worry sue, lol. you have been busy too, just look at all those hand crafts. boy i cant wait til im retired so i can be just like you.......minus the worry :)