Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Canning Jars Anyone?

Here we are at 40th and Plum,40 miles from town and plum back in the sticks, and someone sets a couple of boxes of good (but dirty) canning jars out on the side of this little Road to Nowhere. Go figure. With the price of canning jars being through the roof nowadays,at 10 to 15 dollars a dozen,why would someone go to that much trouble? Why not set them out by their own mailbox with a sign FREE CANNING JARS? They would have saved a lot of gas and someone would have picked them up in a matter of minutes. If folks who do can foods see them and don't need them, most likely they know someone who does. I personally know several folks who are in need of canning jars. I have given away several dozens of my own jars this year to help others out, so I know the craft of canning is reviving.With the cost of foods, I feel more and more folks will be canning soon.

The little red nuts and bolts containers was an added bonus. It doesn't pay to be too proud these days. Friends dropped by and told me about the jars sitting on the side of our road because they know how I cherish my canning jars. Most folks in my community know that as well. Several local folks have donated me jars when my house burned and I was in need of a few more. Now it's my turn to help someone else out. I'll wash them and box them up and wait. Sooner or later, I will be asked if I know where to get some good cheap canning jars, and I'll be able to say,"Sure do! I've got extras! Help yourself!"


  1. My question is....
    Why didn't your friends pick up the boxes and bring them to you?

    It is odd that they were on the side of the road!

    I liked the photo of you and family at Leah's school, Pop is quite the ham.

  2. Here you are sue, i dont seem to be getting all your posts when you put them up, ive just seen this one today, and i see theres another one im about to go look at. silly computers. its crazy what some people dump.