Thursday, September 6, 2012

We HAD a Pond

I was just planning to post on our newly dug pond...........when the problems arose,with my method of posting picture , and by the time I had figured out my problem, the pond was history.
That's me....checking to see how deep it is...or was...Good thing I didn't step in just the right spot ...or shall I say wrong spot........ I might have gone down with the water.

We had a couple of days of really heavy rain, and we were elated to see the pond filling.
Even Lily was loving our new pond.
Just what we had always wanted. A nice pond for the wildlife to drink from, while we watched from the porch, as we drank our morning coffee.

Our elation was short lived. On the third day, a sinkhole broke through and the water went out.  Pop is hoping to save a portion of the pond by filling the hole, and perhaps building a dam of sorts across it,thus making the pond smaller, but oh, well, we would still have a nice pond.
Pop is looking the situation over, and if I know him and Buddy, the bull dozer operator, they won't be whipped by a little sinkhole,or should I say "a big sinkhole".Only time will tell.

I think our neighbor, with whom we dealt with on the property,was right. We merely swapped sinkholes. 

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  1. Wow, how weird...
    Steve's grandpa had a pond dug on his farm many, many years ago.
    It never held water, he claimed they dug it too deep.
    One year there were heavy rains in the area, causing the Leon river to overflow it's banks and flood the low lands, with the water came a lot of silt...
    Grandpa's pond got some of that silt and has held water ever since.
    Too bad he never got to see it!

    Glad you’re able to post pics.

    Sue, I've been trying to post this for days,
    my internet has been sketchy, right now I'm at the bookstore trying to catch up on everyone.