Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why Do Women Strive to Do More?

As I was going through my list of posts today, I have found many posts still in draft. No matter what the reason for not finishing them, I may go ahead and try to post them soon. I figure, in most cases, my thoughts about certain things probably changed mid stream, before I got around to hitting the publish button.Some times, that might be a good thing. Put my thoughts down in black and white, then discard them.I understand that's a good form of therapy.
(from an old post left in draft)

I have been reading more and more about coconut oil and memory lately. I even ordered myself 2 bottles of Coconut Oil Capsules. The recommended dosage on the bottle is 2 capsules a day. You should see the capsules. I'm guessing each one holds a tablespoon. I have never taken coconut oil, but I have taken Castor Oil in my lifetime. It was the yuckiest thing I have ever tasted. I wonder if coconut oil tastes as bad,and maybe that's the reason it's in those huge gel capsules. It's recommended that you take it with a meal, and I guess the reason being, it would most likely hurt your stomach if taken on an empty stomach,so I have been trying to take it as it says. I still notice some discomfort in my stomach. I guess since I have been dieting, I am not putting enough in my stomach to mix with it thoroughly,and any kind of oil on an empty stomach can't be all that good.

Nevertheless, it may be in my head, but I do seem to feel more energetic. It may be the weather, since we did get a little rain, and it has cooled down considerably.Then,there's the rat race of dealing with extra company all week and the responsibility of entertaining them, has passed.Things have slowed down to a more normal pace. Whatever the reason, things are a little calmer around the Nugent household today. (Yesterday was a different story. I had to babysit both Grandchildren.Those two at once is no picnic.I have never understood how Connie,next door, manages with her six,many times, all at once.)

The reason I chose this topic today, is mainly because I have done a full day's work, before Pop got out of bed and/or the house.I am ready for a nap. I was thinking while I worked this morning,Why do most women strive to do more and more, when they already run circles around their man. There may be an exception to this rule, as there usually is, but it has been my experience in talking to more and more women, that this is the case in their household,too. Women can see 10,000 things that need doing,at any given minute of the day, and men see very few, if any at all.

I guess it's the nurturing/mothering gene in us women that drives us. We are constantly feeling that we need to take care of whatever needs taking care of. Do you think it's possible that men did not get that type of gene?I know there are a few cases where the man is obsessive about getting things done,whether it be around the house or in his own space.There's that 'exception to every rule' again. Pop can usually see things that need doing, but the desire to "do it" doesn't enter his mind.I guess it could partly be his age, but then I've noticed that for years in him.I have noticed him,many times, mentioning that something needs doing. Evidently, he thinks just mentioning it, will cause me to feel just guilty enough that I hadn't already got to it, to get to it now.When I get idle enough to start thinking along this line, I get very frustrated. That's why I try not to let myself get that idle.Some thoughts can bring you down for days,weeks,months, and even longer.In most cases, I try not to think negative thoughts. I don't have time for that.There's too many other projects waiting to fill my mind and lift my spirits.

(I try to check my Biorhythm on days like this. I'll bet I forgot to check it on this day.)

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