Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There's Something About Fall

There's something about Fall that brings out the desire to do some Fall related crafting, more so than any other time. I think it has something to do with the bright Fall colors. When I begin to see all of the bright oranges,yellows, and golds, of Fall, I want to make something Fallish. I love working with Fall colors and trying my hand at creating new things, mostly from recycled materials.Plus,I work a lot with wood scraps.

One of the projects I started lately, is a cabinet to hold some of my gardening supplies on the back porch. I had a shelf already, but it was so unsightly, I wanted to make it more appealing to the eye. Sorry! I failed to take a picture of it before I began my up grade.It was just a home made open set of shelves.

I'm reusing the wood from an old picnic table that was always in the way.

It's amazing what a coat of paint will do.
This is it so far. I am so pleased with the way it is turning out,I have another small set of shelves I got from my sin-in-law this past weekend, that I will be painting and adding to the base cabinet.
I've been thinking, instead of using the cabinet for storing my gardening tools and supplies in, it would make a nice piece for Pop to use when cooking outdoors on the grill or maybe in the basement for a snack serving table.Some of my pretty cups I have collected would look nice on the little top section of shelves.Who knows where it will end up,but,rest assured, where ever it is,(I think) it will look good. I am so pleased with it.I need to add knobs and a magnet or button or some type of fastener to keep it closed.Not sure if I will simply set the small set of shelves directly on top of the base set, or put a back on it, and raise the little set up higher.That would look nice, too.I am planning it as I go, so we'll just have to revisit the finished project later.
and after
(And to think my SIL was headed to the dump with this little jewel.Go figure!)


  1. Wow Sue.... They look great!
    You are good with the hand tools.

    Your day in the woods with the grandkids sounded great, all except for the guns.
    I'm more of a, go to the woods just to enjoy the sounds of nature type person.

    I need to go and make soap, have a great day!

  2. ISn't it great what a coat of paint will do for something that is ready to leave the house.. I like all your ideas.. of what you are going to do with these shelves.. I like the color you painted them.
    Have a great day~! TA TA FOR NOW FROM IOWA:)