Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Coincidence .

One day,this past week, Mom called, needing some help with her medicines. I was on my way to assist her,almost to her door, when I remembered it was Thursday.Thursday is the only day that, Paula,a friend from Mom's church,offers her delicious home made Eclairs. Paula owns My Father's House, a darling little coffee house/gift shop,there in Mom's town.The picture looked so good, I felt I just had to try one. Perfect! It's Thursday, I'm there in time. She tries to have them ready when she opens her shop, and she says they go like hot cakes.She even had to double the number she was making, in order to fill the requests she was getting.Maybe this would be my lucky day. I never plan to go that way on Thursday, but it just so happened,(Mom's former pastor says, "Nothing,just so happens") I needed to go on this particular day to help Mom.Sure enough,Paula still had eclairs. I purchased three, not being sure if one of the other sisters would be there or not. It didn't take Mom and I long to devour our eclair.As a matter of fact, they were so big and so rich, we could only eat half. Mom said for me to be sure and put her name on hers, so no one else would eat it. I labeled mine,too. Whenever, us sisters stay with Mom, we prepare the food for our meals while we're there .We try to utilize whatever is in the fridge from the previous sister's visit.Well, this little "goodie" was definitely going to be off limits, if we didn't get back to it right away.We can get them one to sample, another day.Sorry, girls.

It seems I got "the cart before the horse".I planned to get this post off before the one where I made my first eclairs, but oh, well. Here it is anyway.I wanted to post about the eclairs, just to tell this little story.

We went to the post office to deliver Mom's "Christmas Tree Package"(another story) to a friend, and I was telling the post office lady,Donna, about Paula's eclairs. I said she just had to try them, but they were only available on Thursdays.   As Mom and I were leaving the post office parking lot, I got the idea that we should go and get the ladies each an eclair for a special surprise.We headed that way to the coffee shop to get the eclairs, and another young lady came in,eyeballing our eclairs. I paid for mine and went on out to my truck and told Mom, I hope that was not one of the post office ladies, getting eclairs. Low and behold,it was. She returned to the post office about the same time as I did. I told them I sure hoped they had not just gotten eclairs for themselves. Yes, she had gone to get them each one, but Paula, told her that I had just bought them each one, so she returned empty handed. I gave them the eclairs and we all had a good laugh.


  1. love Paula little shop, i need to go and try one of her eclairs when i get a day to go. I have got some stuff to take to the shop for her. That was very nice of you to get the mail ladies eclairs, bet they enjoy them, I know donna from way back. she work at the store and post office in summit.Have a good day !