Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Helpful Decluttering Tip

I thought about commenting on 365 Less Things, but she had so many comments already, I doubted she would ever get around to reading mine. Hence, another post today.I have the same problem here. Too much stuff and it is always out of place. I have tried a new method, and it seems to be helping me to some degree with my decluttering.

First and foremost, I try to stay out of the junk stores.I buy too much stuff,with the best reasoning in the world.At least, that's what I tell myself when I'm shopping.I always try to rationalize why it is alright to buy each item.Usually, just because it's pretty and I like it. No real practical use for it in mind.

Then I have tried a new plan for thinning out my possessions. Mainly clothing,for now.I keep a basket by the door, so I don't forget it when I go to Mom's or the Sister's homes.Whenever I run across a garment that I hardly ever wear, in the basket it goes.When I visit the family, I take the basket and let them go through it to see if there is anything they can use. If not,it's off to the Church.Mom's church has a little building there in town where folks can bring things to supply families in need. The items are free for those folks to come and take what they need to get back on their feet.The Church supplied 250 plus families last year.

(Brendie, that might be a good project to start in your community.A Helping Hand type business to help folks get back on their feet.You seem to have a knack for helping others.But that would require a building to house it all, and rent here is through the roof.Oh well, it was just a thought,and who am I to recommend anything to others. I have enough stuff here to start one of my my own.)
The basket by the door idea seems to be helping me to thin out a few items each week.Possibly it could help someone else.

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  1. Decluttering is an ongoing project around here -- but I do like to thrift shop about once a month. :)