Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm so proud,my granddaughter, Leah,is taking an interest in cooking,but it may be just a passing phase.The women on the maternal side of her family have very little interest in cooking and none in crafts. I am trying to expose Leah to as many of these types of things as possible.When she spends time with me each week,we enjoy doing all the things that I love to do and she seems to be eager to learn.I only hope it stays with her. With these things to fall back on,one is less likely to find themselves bored.I know she hates boredom as much as I do,and I make it a priority of mine,not to spend a single moment of my life being bored.
She loves pretty dishes and all the trimmings that go with fixing a cute table. I have collected these types of things for 30 plus years in hopes of having a restaurant of some kind or a bed and breakfast or something similar, to display all my beautiful collections,but that will never happen. Age and other circumstances change a lot of things,and the house fire changed a lot of things for me. I was able to salvage many of my possessions,thanks to some of my family members who came over on a daily basis and rummaged through the remains to salvage some things,when Pop wanted to let the bulldozers have free rein and bury it all in a hole. How men can do such is beyond me. Even ,he had lots of things in his garage, that was mixed among the ashes, that I felt could be saved,when he simply waved the bulldozers on, and buried it, or sold it as scrap metal.I know fire weakens metal, and I'm sure that was a lot of the reason he let it all go, but sentiment holds me back quite often. If there is a shred of anything left, I want to try to restore it, if at all possible. A lot of my dishes were black, and some of them would not clean up, but to crush and bury them all with out trying,I could not bring myself to do that, and my family understood.Thank God, I had many  family members who were there to help me through it all.Now, what remains of my collectibles,sits in boxes in the sheds, waiting for my next move. I,to this day, have not decided what I want to do with them.I am busy going on with my life doing other things.I have not forgot about them.My mind is constantly thinking,thinking,thinking,what to do with them.Hopefully, one day it will fall into place for me as to what I want to do with them.Maybe Leah will take that interest up one day ,too,although I'm sure she ,as do her parents,has a more important and profitable profession in mind for her life's work.I try to explain to Leah that she needs to learn to entertain herself .Don't depend on others to make you happy in life.That does not always work.You need to learn to entertain yourself during your free moments,doing something you enjoy.Don't whine and complain that you're bored. She talks with me a lot about she and I being kin,and do we share the same blood.I try to explain to her, in terms that she can understand, that we do not share the same blood because I am her step grandmother. Pop says that really worries her that we don't share the same blood, so I shouldn't talk to her about it, but I feel if she is asking, she is mature enough to be told the facts of our lives to some degree.Nevertheless,that is why I am afraid the things I am teaching her now, may not stay with her. She may be doing them to please me now, but not really follow through with all I have taught her,later. Certain traits and ambitions are strictly inherited, and naturally in your blood with the desire to do them.


  1. Blood relation or not, the memory of doing those things with you will be something to cherish, even if she chooses a different life path.

  2. Great that you spend time with her sharing what you know.

  3. It may be something she want wont' to do all the time but it will be there to do and will know how to do and she will remember who taught her all these thing, that will always stay with her.Two of my grandaughter loves being in the sewing room and just to hear them talk make me happy, hope they will also stay interest in doing stuff like this, and three of my grands loves being in the kitchen and Jesse is one of them. he is the one that makes biscuits and coffee.Laura loves to makes bicuit also.