Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Good Friend and CoWorker Dies

I worked for the same organization as this lady for many years.All of the managers from the 22 different schools in our county,would meet at a central location,to discuss the latest happenings regarding the School Food Service, and discuss and plan the menus for the following month.It was always such a pleasure to meet with the ladies from all of the other schools. Some from grade schools, some from middle schools, and some from high schools in the county. It was always interesting and a joy to hear and compare stories of "our kids" and their eating habits.There were always lots of fun stories being told, but then there were lots of sad stories, too, of families who were struggling.Susan would sit with me at my table during all of the meetings. She would always have pictures to share of her family. She was very in tune with the children of her school, and worked hard to make her cafeteria the best it could be for them and her employees. She spoke of retiring shortly after I did.Possibly one year later. I didn't see her that much after I retired, but just this morning,spoke to Sylvia Cox,another retired manager, from our time period, to see if she had heard of Susan being sick lately. Many of the retired managers kept up with the other ladies they had worked with in the past.Sylvia said she had seen her working at Michael's Craft Store once or twice, then later working at Sam's Club,decorating cakes.That was one of her specialities.Evidently she had taken other employment after retiring from the School Food Service. Nevertheless, she has died, and I still have not heard any more details. There is mention of ALS in her obituary, so one can only guess, there might have been a connection.I will coninue to do more research on the matter.
Since no one knows the day nor the hour that He might come,we can only try to be as prepared as possible,at all times.


  1. Sue, I'm sorry about your friend.
    We can only hope to be as good of people as we can.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend dying. She is in a beautiful place and in the arms of Jesus..
    I have on my rapture shoes,, with the way the world is right now, we have to be prepared~! My lamp is full of oil...
    Only God knows when the day will come~!
    Ta Ta For Now:)

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss...I know how much your friends mean to glad you have happy memories of the times you spent together.

    I am so thankful to have you as a sister and a friend! Love you...Vicki