Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Crazy!

For many years, I have been book crazy. I love books. I have collected more books than I care to count over my lifetime.Folks who know how I love books, have brought me more books. I am not an avid reader,per se.I have always collected books on topics that interest me,and that could change at any given moment. Most of the books I have collected over the years have been for research purposes. I love to know as much as I can possibly know about things I like and am interested in.Most of my books are(or should I say were)on gardening, flowers,anything medical,usually topics pertaining to specific health issues of my own,herbs, natural healing,alternative medicines,aroma therapy,homeopathic cures,various diets,cookbooks,nutrition and most recently,books on diabetes to help Pop,books on Fibromyalgia,to help me understand the disease better, since one my sisters has developed those symptoms.My interests are endless.I have collected books for the grand children for several years in hopes of reading to them or having them read to me while learning.Lucky me,I inherited two grandchildren who hate to study anything,much less reading,so the books have collected, have sit unused for several years, taking up valuable space. So now,I have a wonderful collection of those Little Golden Books,for some lucky child,somewhere.
Nevertheless, we had the fire.I lost lots of my books, and lots were damaged badly,but saved in hopes of using the good pages for a craft project some day.But still I have lots of books left.
Recently I read where the small  town where I attended high school,was opening a public library that would be run on the honor system.I have contacted an individual connected with that program, in hopes of finding a home for many of my books. Since the computer age, I do not use the books as much as I once did.I can do most of the research necessary,via the computer.Now watch my computer go out,next week.
I hope to speak with the person about the books tomorrow. I will give an update later as to the outcome.This could be a blessing for both of us,myself and the new library.Wish me luck.


  1. Hey Sue, how nice of you to share. Books have always been a favorite item of mine, I have at last count, about 500!
    And yes, you never know when the internet might stop working. or the electricity or......
    I do love to curl up with a good book, the PC
    is too bulky for that, haha.
    Enjoy your day, I'm off to the vet.

  2. I confess that I love books as well. Such a great escape.