Monday, February 28, 2011

Practicing Patience

With the warmer days we have been having, it makes one think the warm weather is here to stay and we can get on with our gardening plans,but I have a feeling there will be a few more cold days to follow.The warm days and the rain have brought  many flowers out of their dormancy,ready for another Spring.I went about taking a few pictures this morning while I was surveying the damage from the nights storm. We were relieved to awaken to only rain. Mom called me at 4 o'clock this morning,to tell me about the bad weather that was making it's way across our area. I turned on the news and followed it until it had passed.Tornadoes and high winds had ripped through our state and leveled a few homes and left much damage, but we escaped Mother Nature's wrath once more.The temperature was 70 degrees in Louisvile, at the time of the storm.I think we had a mere 60 degrees here, but nevertheless, it was that warm air hitting the cold air that arrived here later in the day, that caused all of the stormy weather.The rain was all we got. We have had quite a bit of that in the last few days.My little pond is not holding well.We'll need to reline it soon,but it caught quite a bit of water over the last few days. The spot where we pile our fire wood before it's been sawed up for the stove,was nearly flooded,but it will recede in a day or so.Thank goodness, we're not hurting for more firewood right away.We 've been sewing a few pounds of that expensive grass seed in a few areas around the property, in hopes of hitting under Dark Moon,so it will grow faster and better, but I think the heavy rains have washed the seed all downstream into Mammoth Cave. They say everything that goes in these sink holes with in fifty miles of the caves,ends up in Mammoth  Cave. I'll bet they have a beautiful place down there.I have lost many a ton of topsoil,mulch,compost,and seeds to them in the last 32 years. It surely must be a regular Garden of Eden down there.


  1. You guys are getting about the same weather we are.
    The peach & plum trees have budded here.
    Hope we don't get another freeze!!!

    I've been to Mammoth cave, the year Stevie Ray Vaughn died.
    KY. is a very beautiful state, such big trees compared to here. I saw my first wild turkey there.
    Stay safe.

  2. i looked up mammoth cave, im gonna have to spend a day reading all the info on it. we have limestone caves in NZ too.
    i read the other day NZ is the size of colorado and the population of KY. so our caves are much less mammoth