Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Folks Never Learn!

First and foremost, I want to say "Thank You" for all the wonderful comments in the past few days. The weather has been nice, and I have been doing a lot more work outdoors, and have very little time to sit at the computer, although, I will come in at times and rest my back. Thus, my topic.I spent a whole year in and out of the Doctor's and chiropractor's office, trying to figure out the problem with my body. First, I was told it was Carpal Tunnel. I thought perhaps, that could be it, since I have done a lot of repetitive work with my hands over the years.The medical doctor had been through that herself, so she recommended a set of exercises that had helped her.  If she only knew how I hated any form of structured exercises. I don't mind getting my exercise doing my day to day chores, but as for real specific exercises,No Thanks.So with that not being a popular choice for me,I decided to try my chiropractor. I have been to him and many other chiropractors in my life time, but even then, when I feel better,I can't stand going and going and going for more treatment.I know. They call it maintenance. But once I feel better, I'm done with him for awhile.Sad,but true.Nevertheless, I did a lot of lifting and tugging and pulling yesterday.Hence,my body was telling me all night,I did too much of all of the above.So here we go again with the same problem I had when I sought out medical help last year. Hopefully, if I lay off the lifting and tugging and pulling for a few days, it will fix itself and go away.It starts out with numbness in my hands and arms gradually turning to pain and throbbing in my arms and hands. I can't  find any one position to sleep when it gets so bad, to relieve the numbness.In the early stages,I can.Since, I know what I've done to cause my problem, and I pretty much know how to fix it,I'll just have to lay off the Spring Cleaning in the yard for a few days.And it has been so pretty out. A little windy, but only a slight rain every few days. Not enough yet to put a halt on things outdoors.Pop disced the worst parts of the back yard, and reseeded it hoping to hit in the Dark Moon for better growth of the grass,so I felt I would do some cleaning out there while it was nice. I just got carried away,but I did get lots done.I picked up loads of rocks(the worst for my back)and piled lots of  brush,ready to burn for when the conditions are right. I raked a lot of debris from the wood cutting over the winter.I cleaned around the carport and the woodpiles.I trimmed lots of dead flower stalks and last years growth from my many flower beds.I added more fill to a couple of problem spots in the yard.Then when I'd come in to rest my back, I got quite a bit of house work done. I think it must have been those patches I put on the soles of my feet. I used them for 2 days, in hopes of drawing out poisons from my body. If that is what caused me to work so hard for the last few days, I will definitely be ordering more of those.They were really black when I pulled them off, so that is supposed to mean they are doing their job. We'll try them again in a few days, and see if I get the same results.Until then,hope your weather is as nice as our here in this part of Ky. although really nice weather this time of the year, could mean a good chance for the dreaded tornadoes.                                                                   


  1. Sue, I do hope you find some relief for your aches and pains. I deal with back issues most every day and it does slow me down at times.

    Weather here is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow -- but snow is forecast for Thursday.

  2. sue, you did get a lot done ,hope you get to feeling better, it sound like you did to much and i guess that why the pain is back, as they say were not as young as we use to be, but we do need to stay busy!!! have a great day!

  3. Wow Sue, you did do a lot. The weather has been great here too. My focus was mowing the front, (water meter area was pretty bad) poor meter reader probably thinks were
    hilbillies, ha ha.
    Thanks for the link, and I really liked your paper & fabric pictures.
    Lunch break is almost over, gotta get back to work, have a super day!