Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trying New Ideas!

I have said it before, and I'm saying it again. The things
I choose to do have no rhyme nor reason. I get an idea
in my head, and run with it.Never anything monumental,
but just some little something I want to try.I have mentioned,
too, how I love fabric and pretty paper.I collect both,for
what,I do not know. I just know I love having it around
 me,just in case I find a project that calls for either.Pretty
colors make me happy.That's a big part of the reason I have
 so many flowers. I hate the dull, drab, dry days of the hot,
hot part of summer,when all the flowers dry up from the heat.
Those days are so depressing for me, I stay inside as much as
 possible.The heat is a big part of the reason I stay inside quite
 a bit,during the summer, but the main reason is  the ticks,turkey
 mites,etc.They have become unbearable in our area,and yard
work for me becomes impossible.Therefore, I simply find new crafts to fill my days.I have mentioned, that I do not do scrap booking. I do love to use a lot of the same tools and methods, but just not for scrap booking. My latest craft is shown in the pictures, although it is in the beginning stages. My great niece,Kendra, gave me the idea this past Christmas, in a card. She is a very crafty young lady.I only hope she continues her interest in crafts. It has brought me some many hours of pleasure.So back to my latest craft. I collect paper of all types.I cannot stand to see it discarded. During all the years I worked for the school, I had to watch the young teachers rip rolls of beautiful colored paper from their bulletin boards,wad it up and toss it in the dumpster. If they only knew how that made me literally feel sick to my stomach,to see that.I could visualize so much more that the paper could be used for. I would at times, slip out and get some of the paper that was not so crumpled, and cut out my lettering for my own 8 bulletin boards in my cafeteria. I had 8 ceiling tiles,2 ft. X 5 ft.mounted on the walls, and I tried to rotate around and keep them all fresh every few weeks with nutritional information and fun pictures for the children to see and hopefully absorb while eating their meals.I,to this day, have boxes of paper,salvaged from those dumpsters. Sorting and organizing fills a lot of my days,but I love seeing all the things I've kept from my years of working for the School Food Service.Constantly trying to find new ways to utilize it. Well, with this project, I am doing just that.I started out with paper on paper,then fabric on paper, then fabric on fabric. I love to mix and match colors and patterns anyway.I have been making these little things,off and on,all week. Mixing and matching them. Ironing them flat.Fraying the edges on some. I haven't found my pinking shears yet,and my craft scissors set doesn't cut through fabric that good, but I am still experimenting on new ways to layer these little pieces of fabric and paper. I plan to use buttons, flowers, ribbons,jute,lace,anything from my many drawers of goodies that will look nice. These little labels,as I will call them, can be used in so many different ways.The list is endless. I will concentrate on the labels for now. If bad comes to worse when it comes to using them on projects, I can always bag them up,6 or so to a bag, and sell them on e-bay, or at yard sales,for others to find uses for them.

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  1. An awesome idea, Sue. I imagine gluing them on card stock and making greeting cards from them. :)