Monday, February 7, 2011

I Must Eat My Words!

Not 15 minutes ago, I was commenting to a couple of fellow bloggers how we did not have any snow. Within 15 minutes the ground was covered. I tried to capture the huge flakes that were falling,but just know they were really big. Within 15 minutes, the ground was covered.Within an hour or two, we could have as much as Nancy in Nebraska.Not a pleasant thought. I'm ready to get outdoors and scratch around in the dirt, a bit.If you believe in the "ground hog predictions" we are going to have an early Spring. I hope, this time, he's right.He has a 50-50 chance, you know, of getting it right.We can only hope and keep our fingers crossed this time,that he is.


  1. Looks pretty though, are you using your new camera?
    More snow for us come wednesday, UGH.
    I'm off to visit Nancy now, bye bye.

  2. We are constantly buried from December through March. We're just used to it.

  3. Yes, we had the same this afternoon. Even left school early before it started coming down.

  4. I think you camera did a great job of capturing those big flakes, Sue.

    No reason you should be left out of all the fun we've been having. :)

  5. YEP, More snow over here, big flakes!