Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Five Things

List Five Things I Never Leave Home Without.

(Nancy, if you only knew.)

I worked for many years, around children, and I inherited this trait (or sickness)from my Mom, of carrying everything that anyone could possibly need in the course of a day,in my purse.When I was very young,we use to play a game after Church Training Union,on Sunday nights,where everyone divide up into two groups,one person would get in the center and call off the name of something,and the first to bring that item to him would win their side a point.I think that was when I started carrying so much in my purse. But then,Mom raised 9 children, so she knew what was most likely needed, during the times we were away from home.From a cough drop to a safety pin,to Neosporin salve and a band aid,a hankie, a pocket knife,screws and screw driver for your eyeglasses,allergy pills.Crazy glue for a loose false tooth.The list is endless.And I do mean ENDLESS.I always carried one of those huge home made luggage bags to work with me, and believe me,everyone in the school knew where to go when they needed anything.I even had a child to come to me one day,for a belt, to hold up his older brother's pants,he had to wear that day for whatever reason.Luckily I didn't have a belt,but instead I had twine. I simply draw stringed a couple of belt loops together which made them fit somewhat better.With his shirt out,no one would ever know.But like Nancy, I retired, and it is so hard to leave my faithful supply bag at home. Most days, I carry it in my truck,where ever I go,just in case.
But if I had to narrow it down to five,oh my,let's think.
(1) My cell phone(Pop fusses if he can't reach me on my phone.)
(2) My wallet,which includes my checkbook,some change,my ID,and maybe a $ or two.
(3) An extra set of clothes.I never know what Mom will have me doing.
(4) My special insulated bag for frozen foods.(Given to me by a friend.It's so handy when shopping for spur of the moment groceries.)
(5)A few minor tools needed in case I get stranded somehow.I love to help other folks when they are stranded,too.

The following bloggers are hereby tagged. (Participation is optional.)Now it's your turn to list the five things you won't leave home without.That's a job in itself, but the copying and pasting you'll need to do to get this post ready to publish,is something else,too. Good luck. I guess we all need a refresher course,now and then,on various posting procedures.

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  1. haha, nothing, i dont carry a hand bag, but in my car i have...spare socks and a jersey, my wallet in the glove box, spare shoelaces, toilet paper and pain killers. thats it. if we are going away for the weekend im more stocked up. i will take a bag.

  2. Sue, if I was ever stranded, I'd want you with me -- I'd probably survive much longer! Thanks for playing. :)

  3. Interesting items. Sue, I may just have to participate, but I doubt my items will be as interesting!