Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Back Online,But...

After worrying myself silly about what I need to do, I decided to junk the older computer(5 years old) and get a new one. The folks I have been talking to, about my case, say it's most likely out dated enough to warrant getting a new one. Five years, that runs about $100. a year. I guess,considering the pleasures I have gotten from the use of my computer,it's worth that much,but that doesn't include all of the extra expenses that go along with owning a computer.There's security.That's always be a puzzle to me,not knowing which one to use. There are so many things out there that you need to be protected from, it's hard for a person with no computer skills at all, to know what they need. I keep thinking I'll see what our local college offers along that line, but then I must consider Mom's condition. I need to be available when she needs help,especially with her being in the early stages of Alzheimer's. You never know what her needs will be at any given moment, so again, my wishes must be put on hold a bit longer. Maybe I'll get to take a few classes before I reach 70 years of age,but five years passes very quickly,barring any unforeseen problems with MY health.

My mind has been so bombarded here lately, with these two problems, I have had not time to think of blogging. Blogging is a great release for me, so I really would love to get back to it, but there are so many other responsibilities that get first priority any more,it will have to wait.

.Hopefully, things will lighten up for me soon, and I can get back to it.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom.. Alzheimers has to be awful for the person going through it and very awful for the person that has to care for the person. I help my friend take care of her mother so she can have a break once a week. I have AVG for my security and very happy with it..I got it for free..
    ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  2. Welcome back. It's good to hear something from you. I'm sorry about your Mom. I know that it isn't easy to take in that your Mom have Alzheimer's. But just be strong and let her know and feel that she is loved. You guys will get through it.
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