Friday, October 12, 2012

Peace and Contentment From a Jar

I 've started making these little jar toppers this past few weeks and am enjoying it thoroughly.My pattern stems from a small doily that I picked up somewhere in the past, that pleased me so. I don't usually follow directions when I crochet, but I can usually look at a pattern and copy it pretty close.My Mother use to do a little crocheting, years ago, when she was younger and had better eyesight, and I remember her using a pattern on occasion. I tried, but never tried hard enough(I guess I just wasn't interested enough at that time) to learn the different stitches and follow the directions,but that has been my way of doing things my entire life. Just wing it.

Each Fall and Winter, it usually happens this way.I start making a particular item, and I continue making that same item, over and over. I have spent several Winters doing this. It is like an uncontrollable habit now.

The pattern for the little jar toppers varies from one to another. I keep finding different things I want to try with each one, but the finished project usually pleases me just the same.

 I have so many different colors of thread that I have collected from consignment stores and the like. It is such a joy matching up the ribbon and the thread.Next will come the little labels that I enjoy making as well, and of course, deciding what to put inside of each little jar.

 I have decided to try adding a few of my embellishments that I assemble for the tree and gift wrapping.It seems,with each new jar topper, a new idea pops into my head.I get so excited when working with Fall and Winter crafts. I know it must be the color that affects me that way.It has to be sinful to get such pleasure from working with these tiny crafts. Especially, since the cost of my supplies is so little. In many cases, I am using recycled materials

.I hope everyone gets as much peace and contentment from their favorite crafts as I am enjoying with mine.

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